Ways To Make Money With Your Car – Several Ideas

Ways To Make Money With Your Car Ideas Worth Considering

The High Cost of Motoring

Is the cost of your car driving you crazy? Does it seem like you are always paying either for gas, insurance, repairs or tax? If so, why not make the car pay for itself? There are many things you can do daily, using your car to earn extra money. Make your car an asset not a liability.

Below I have listed a few ideas, these are just the tip of the iceberg to get you thinking how you can turn your car from a money draining machine into a money making machine.

Some vehicles will be more suited to some of these ideas than others. For example, if you plan to carry large things such as sofas, you will need either a station wagon, van or MPV with removable seats.

Because this site is read by a global audience it is worth mentioning here that some of these ideas may necessitate a change in your car insurance policy. It’s important to speak with your insurance company before beginning any of these activities to see if your policy covers these ideas.

1. Take Kids to School

When you take your kids to school, how many other mothers are there do exactly the same thing? Probably several, all bringing cars. Offering to take and bring their children home from school will be a welcome relief for parents. Choose people who live near you and you can earn from all of them. Most parents will gladly pay you so they don’t have to do this chore twice a day.

Whether you charge them weekly or monthly is up to you. Depending on your car you should be able to take your child and three others. Aim to earn $5 per child per day. This fee should be scaled for the distance traveled and the area you live in.

2. Make a Car Video

Do you understand your way around a car? If so you could make a short video about it. This could be about a specific car repair or simple maintenance. If classic cars are your passion, why not make a buyers guide to classic cars in which you highlight potential problem areas for specific models. Take a video whilst pretending to purchase a car, include potential pitfalls and explain how to avoid them.

Simply make a video and put this on You Tube. They will place ads near your video and when people click on it you get money into your account. It’s that simple. Take a look at the video below and notice how many times this has been viewed. Many people believe that online video is going to bypass the earning potential of article writing. After all, the general public prefers to watch a video rather than read an article. What people don’t like are poorly made videos. Editing is crucial to keep your car tutorial interesting.

3. Deliver Newspapers

Are you a morning person? If you live in an area where the paper is delivered consider using your car to deliver the morning paper. It’s an easy way to earn cash. The one thing I will say, if you can get the paper round for Sunday, it pays the best.

If there isn’t a paper being delivered in your area, you could develop the round yourself. This is how one of Britain’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, Duncan Bannantyne, started his career. He got the subscribers and then delivered their papers. Don’t think that this is only for kids on bikes, the use of your car will make it faster and more reliable.

4. Run a Taxi Service

For some areas this may need a change in your license. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to be sure.

You may have heard about a service called Uber. This is in essence a mini cab service. You sign up with the company and when someone calls them, they locate the nearest driver to their client.

The client can get a the total cost of their journey beforehand. They can also pay using their phone which is safer for you, the driver, and safer for the customer as well. This is a low cost option for the client and as such is taking off in many areas. The driver is paid by Uber. The car will need to be less than 5 years old.

My son is doing this in the San Francisco area and enjoying it, he is also making a tidy sum of money from it.

5. Paid Surveys While Waiting

Because nearly everywhere has a hotspot for the internet, consider completing surveys in your down time while waiting for your customer. The key to consistent earning is to have fingers in several pies, or eggs in many baskets. There are many companies which will pay for your opinions on a variety of products and topics.

6. Deliver organic vegetables to restaurants or homes

Here in Brazil, we see many small entrepreneurs who use their cars for deliveries. Some deliver to local stores and others deliver to restaurants. Often restaurateurs are too busy running their restaurants to source specialist fruit and vegetables. Likewise, small specialist gardeners are looking for outlets for their crops. This is where you come in. You can be the go between collecting and delivering these fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you know organic growers in your area, approach them and find out what they have currently and what they plan to be harvesting each week. Take this list to the restaurants you have built a relationship with and see if they are interested. Start slowly and you can build up a steady trade. This can also be useful for home delivery as many people are wanting farm fresh ‘organic fruit and vegetables’.

7. Home Deliver Groceries

Have you ever bought your groceries online? How was the service. When I used it, I noticed it was hit and miss. Sometimes the people choosing the food, didn’t have a clue. In fact that was the reason I stopped using it. One week it would be the types I would select and the next week they were choosing cuts of meat, I wouldn’t have given to a dog!

If you are known as a fastidious person by your friends, offer to do their shopping for them. They send you with a list and pay you when you return or up front. You charge them a fee for doing this. This will tie in nicely with your own shopping schedule.

8. Take Dogs to the Groomers

How many people do you know who have dogs and dread taking them to the groomers? It could be they feel their car is too clean to take the dog in their car. If you have either a kennel or a rear gate, taking dogs to and from the groomers will be easy. With a liner in the back of your car, you can easily keep it clean.

9. Airport Runs

If you live within a couple hours from an airport, offer to take people to and from the airport. You will need ample space for passengers and their suitcases. If they are bringing sports equipment such as a surfboard or skis, you will need to make arrangements to carry those on the roof as well. If there are children in the group you’ll need to provide a car seat or booster seat for them.

This saves people the stress of having to take their own car and having to pay airport parking charges. Once you offer a reliable service, your customers will use you again and recommend you to their friends.

10. Drivers training

Do you have nerves of steel? If so, you could opt for taking learner drivers out. They will already have a permit to drive as long as there is another adult in the car. Some parents are too busy or scared to take there child out to practice. Driving schools are expensive and with the extra practice you could offer, this could keep their costs down.

11. Take People to Appointments

For some people, especially elderly people, going to medical appointments can be traumatic. If they have to wait for a taxi, the problems are compounded. Going with someone they know, is less stressful for them. They would much prefer to have someone there to take them back home as soon as their appointment is finished. Often after some visits for certain types of treatment, it isn’t advisable for them to drive themselves.

12. Pizza and Food Delivery

Many well known pizza places are desperate for reliable drivers. Most of this work will be in the evening and not only will they pay you a wage, you’ll receive a percentage per mile, as well . If you are presentable, polite and provide a good service, it’s likely you’ll also receive tips as well.

13. Wedding Chauffeur

If your car is something special you may consider hiring yourself out as a wedding chauffeur. Adornments to the car such as a bow or cans on the back will be left to the wedding party to do. This could be bringing the bride to the church or taking the married couple to the receptition or even back to the hotel in the evening.

You would be expected to dress smartly for this occasion.

14. Advertising Decals

You can place advertising on your car. This could be for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, even dentists! This will only be applicable if you drive many places, as no one wants to pay for a car that sits in a garage all day. The business will pay for the decals and the application to your car. All you need to do, is what you already do, drive.

This can be a one off payment for an agreed time (a month, 6 months) or a monthly payment.

15. Man With a Van

In Britain, it is common to see a sign that says, “Man with a van”. This just means that he is available to use his van to help move objects, be it moving house or simply a lot of boxes. This could even be taking items to the dump for someone.

Often if people buy something used, they don’t have a car large enough to carry it. That is where your services will be needed. Ensure you have either someone to help you or a hand truck to assist you in loading and unloading.

16. Swap Meet or Car Boot Sale

If your friend or neighbor wants to take their items to a swap meet or a car boot sale (the English equivalent) their car may be too small or they may not wish to use theirs. If they have large items and your car has more space, they will see the sense in hiring out you and your car to take their items to the swap meet.

17. Sightseeing Tours

Do you live in an area where you could take tourists sightseeing? If you know your local area, and have interesting facts about it, set yourself up as a tour guide. Speak with your local tourist information to put your name forward. You may wish to design a brochure highlighting the places you would visit and your prices. If your local history could do with improving, the town library is a great place to start your research.

This are just ways to make money with your car i hope you found it informative.Thanks for reading  🙂 


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